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Nelson House

Nelson House
501 Main Street

Thomas Nelson, Jr., is one of Yorktown's most famous residents. He was a signer of the Declaration of Independence, served as Governor of Virginia in 1781, and commanded the Virginia militia during the 1781 siege of his hometown. His home still bears damage from the bombardment during the siege.

Damage to Nelson House

The circa 1730 Nelson House was built by "Scotch Tom" Nelson in Yorktown, Virginia. The house is now designated as a National Historical Landmark and is maintained by the Colonial National Historical Park of the U.S. National Park Service.

Nelson died in 1789 and is buried in the Grace Church cemetery in Yorktown.

Thomas Nelson, Jr.

Thomas Nelson, Jr.

Nelson House

Nelson House (on right) being used as a Union Hospital (circa 1862)

The Nelson House today is managed by the National Park service and is open to the public during irregular hours. Visitors wishing to see the interior should contact the park service at the Yorktown National Park Museum .

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